Maki Fes!

You are [insert your name here], an ordinary high school student, except you’ve got Love Live’s Maki herself wrapped around your big dick in all her tsundere glory. One day she calls you to the music room, asking you for inspiration for a new tune. Unfortunately, you’re not very good at music. Fortunately, you are very inspiring in bed.

Translators: Asonn, Arcadeotic, Hanako, HMN, Jptje, Nandemonai, TBAC, & Zakamutt
Editor: Ryechu
Beta Testing: Forgetful Frank
Hacker: Porygon2
Image Editing:kiririri & Porygon2

Download Link:

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Install Instructions:
1. Open the .zip folder.
2. Drag & drop the MAKIFES_P.WAR and RIO.INI files into your game folder.
3. Start up the game and have fun!